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Checking And Cleaning Out Your Sewer System

While you probably don’t think about it too much, your sewer line is one of the most important parts of your home’s plumbing system. Without a drainage line, you would have no way of removing wastewater from your home.

As you can imagine, this would have an effect on many different aspects of your life. In order for your home’s plumbing system to work properly, your sewer system must also be working properly.

As a result, while we don’t like to think about or deal with it much, it’s important to regularly check and clean your home’s sewer line. Today we’ll talk about why sewer line maintenance is important when you should do it and some of the risks that come from not doing it.

Understanding How Your Sewer System Works?

whatsewersystemYour home has two piping systems: one to carry clean water in and one to carry dirty water out. Wastewater is carried out of your home using a gravity - your drain pipes flow down and out to carry wastewater from your home.

Your home’s sewer line then continues to flow down and connects to the main sewer line, which carries dirty water to a wastewater treatment facility.

This is a relatively simple and extremely effective way to remove wastewater. However, if there are backups in your sewer line, wastewater cannot exit your home and will create problems throughout your plumbing system.

When You Should Check and Clean Your Sewer System

sewersystemcheckOne of the tricky thinks about sewer lines is that it’s often hard to know that you have any sort of problem until you have a major issue.

And, no one wants to deal with a sewage problem! To avoid having this type of emergency, it’s important to regularly have your sewage line checked and cleaned out.

Regular sewer system services can help you avoid a major plumbing emergency. We recommend having your line checked and cleaned at least every 24 months. During this process, a video camera will be inserted into your pipes and will identify any buildups, blockages or problem areas.

Timely addressing these issues can help avoid a major plumbing crisis. In addition to having your pipes cleaned every 24 months, you should have them checked and cleaned any time you’re concerned that you might have a problem. Backed-up drains, foul smells, sluggish drains or gurgling sounds could all indicate a problem with a sewer line. If you notice any of these, schedule sewer system services as soon as possible.

The Problems of a Blocked Sewer System

blockedsewersystemWhile one blocked drain is problematic when your sewer line is blocked it effectively blocks every drain in your home. This can result in sewage backing up in your home, it can cause damage to pipes and it can cause water damage throughout your home.

Even worse, it can create health hazards. Obviously, a blocked sewer line is a plumbing emergency that you want to avoid whenever possible.

If you have concerns about your sewer system or need sewer system services, call First Choice Plumbing Solutions today at (772) 879-1414.