Water Filtration Systems for Gainesville Homeowners

Trusted Water Filtration Systems in Gainesville, FL.

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Is your tap water murky or just simply off-tone? Tastes kind of weird, but enough to pass? Don’t let impurities in your water slide by! There are some serious bacteria and unwanted viruses dwelling in unpurified water. Most of all, our times are way too modern to be boiling water, or spending extra money on bottled water.

The low-maintenance, easy to install, Pelican Carbon Series is the ultimate whole house water filtration system. There is no other system that can clean up as many chemical impurities while offering a lifetime warranty.

Following are some of the pros of installing one of our systems:

  • Softer skin and hair.
  • No need to waste electricity.
  • 5 year performance guarantee.
  • No drain required.
  • Great tasting spring-like water.
  • Easy installation.
  • Lifetime warranty on tank.
  • Inhibits bacterial growth.
  • No more water waste.

With an effective and advanced water filtration system, Gainesville homeowners can now have access to fresh water at all times. Ditch the plastic water bottles, save money, and join the green revolution for our planet!

At First Choice Plumbing we care about your health, and the benefits that such a change can bring to your family. Because of this, you can download coupons, and take advantage of our online offers … as clean water is something we believe everyone deserves.

Well Pumps

Whether you need a repair or an installation, our experienced technicians will quickly arrive to your home. With working knowledge of all brands, we are ready to serve you and your well pump whenever the situation arises.

Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect that establishing a long-term relationship with your plumber is very important. Do you want to always know and trust who is going into your home? Afraid of getting ripped off? Call us! At First Choice Plumbing, we want to be your go-to company, your first choice, and this is why our staff is friendly, organized, and productive.

Having the peace of mind that all of the water inside your house is healthy and drinkable is an indescribable feeling. However, if you believe that a whole home water filtration system is not for you, give us a call! We can help you choose what unit will work best for you and your family.

Enjoy clean, pure tasting water with professional water filtration system installation by your friendly local experts at First Choice Plumbings Solutions. Call us today at (352) 377-9447 to request same-day service.